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Christian Toren's various Session types are described herein.  You may use the links below to contact the appointment desk directly.

Christian Toren

About Us

Sought after for his expertise on “the Other Side”, Christian Toren has been a focus of hundreds of interviews.  He is renown in the industry as one of the world’s premiere clairvoyant Psychic Mediums having performed over 50,000 Reading sessions. Christian"s expertise in Clairvoyant Medical intuition is second to none in the world.  

Dr. Christian von Lähr is a modern day Seer, whose clairvoyant mediumship inspires through connections from the Higher Planes of Existence; one’s Higher Self or Soul; Ascended Masters, Prophets and Saints; Master and Teacher Guides; and a sitters crossed-over family and friends --- to include influencing 'spirit' who’s attendance is necessary to deliver urgent messages.

His sage advice and visions draw from the highest realm he can draw from for any individual Sitter. Often entertaining, usually prophetic, and always eminently important to the current needs of the person being read, he brings the messages and connections that need to be delivered. Christian is a most welcome, and much anticipated visiting Seer and Clairvoyant Medium who travels the country participating in most popular New Age, and Mind, Body, Spirit type Expositions.

The satisfaction level of his Readings is extraordinarily high because he enhances the energy about his Sitters, and draws to them their own specific Archangels, Guardian Angels, Master Guides and their Higher Self. He incorporates spiritual connectivity innovations of his development to ensure a far greater and more meaningful experience than can be anticipated. Everyone’s complete satisfaction is anticipated.

As all of Dr. von Lähr’s events are Sold Out, it is advisable to book your sitting, or private hotel reading well in advance.

With his co-author, Christopher Valentine, this spiritually gifted duo has connected to great numbers of Nature People, which are those spiritual beings of nature that some call Elementals. They deliver informative lectures at most expositions Christian participates in, and amaze those in select cities with their special Seminar to teach people how to see Nature Spirits. They have three hardback books available channeled directly by the Nature People they call “family.” They back up their message, Nature Spirits are Real!