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Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr is a distinguished clairvoyant medium and clairvoyant medical intuitive. He is further notable for his enlightening elucidations on Ancient Wisdom as an author, exposition speaker, his own lecture circuit, on major Radio venues, and his television show "The Messenger."  Christian is often featured as a guest on popular television programming and television talk and/or recap shows - both as a Clairvoyant, and as an expert on Relationships.

As the only current Master Clairvoyant in America, Christian Toren has been called to lead a series of Master Psychic, Master Medium and Master Clairvoyant development courses in the Burbank, CA area - he holds these three classes twice a year.  As these are at the Master level, they provide the highest level of training possible in America.

(from his BIO)

Christian von Lahr achieved his Msc.D. doctorate in Metaphysical Science in 2008, preceded by a Master's Degree in 2006. Both were acquired from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Arizona. These followed his preliminary Bachelor's and a Ministerial Degree in Spirituality. His prodigious pursuit of the facts, ways and means of the forms of life and consciousness led him on the long and arduous journey to accomplishing his Dissertation [proving] the existence of the Angelic kingdom. Coinciding with metaphysical study, Christian invested two decades in the pursuit of the Ancient Wisdom by way of Theosophy, esoteric Christianity, and Eastern Philosophy.

Christian unites his charismatic speaking style with authoritative writing skills to author many books and articles, and to deliver national seminars on the provable existence of the Angelic and Nature Spirit Kingdoms of Life, and the journey of Consciousness. His distinction has been exemplified with an applied gift of clairvoyance, mediumship, psychism, medical clairvoyance, and spiritual counseling.

Christian recently founded the television series, "Messenger," which develops provable experiences of the consciousness in many realms of existence. The program accomplishes its demonstration of consciousness expressed through [embodiments] in informative and demonstrative media formats:

• Film documentaries of interesting ancient locations of spiritual influence in the world

• Biopics of notable speakers and authors on metaphysical subjects and world mysteries

• Live on-site demonstrations of life in, and influence from, other realms of life

• Celebrity live interviews with exploration of their personal metaphysical experiences Christian is a frequent national media guest appearing on the luminary of New Age radio programming, "Coast to Coast AM Radio," and the broadcasting networks of NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox. His featured segments have been heard world-wide on radio, broadcast television, cable and satellite networks. Christian's literature is sought-after for its well-researched and informative content:

If You Could Only See ... A Gnome's Story — in 2006
Seeing and Sensing Gnomes ... Hey Looky Hea'h — in 2007
The Magic of Gnomes and Leprechauns ... It's Natural — in 2008
Magical Powers and Mystical Beings ... Anyone For Jinn? — in 2009
Drakon12012 — the Return of Quetzalcoatl — in 2012

The biggest barrier to success is ourselves. Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr, Msc.D. is an expert at helping people achieve success in their lives, relatively with immediate success. He can deduce what dominoes you have placed before you in life and tell you directly how to knock them down. YOUR WORK is simply to take an initial step, and let the problems fall away on their own, in succession.