Lucid 01  Lucid Dreaming

Lucid 02  Access Your Subconscious Mind

Lucid 03  The Subconscious Mind

Lucid 04  States of the Mind

Lucid 05  Comparing Conscious to Subconscious

Lucid 06  Magical Thinking

Lucid 07  How the Subconscious Mind Works

Lucid 08  The Subconscious Becomes Reality

Lucid 09  You, Stress and the Subconscious Mind

​Lucid 10  The Christian Toren Technique

Only Dr. Christian Toren has successfully advanced the lucid dreaming method used by the ancient Sages, to achieve human destiny.  This is his exclusive program, - delivered solely by him at his Burbank, CA training facility.

Have you ever had a dream so real, you mistook it for reality?

LUCID DREAMING TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING is a unique method of coaching that breaks through the barriers all of conventional coaching and psychological practices to accomplish the impossible – TRANSFORMATION. 

Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr’s [REPLACES] the deepest programming in the subconscious mind, and therefore over-writes all the damaging baggage that prevents you from achieving wellness, normalcy, happiness and success. 

What you have always considered a dream, is simply a suppressed impression of destined reality.  It has been buried by life experienced, locked away from your perception of what is possible.  Your dreams and desires were your first clue that you were being hypnotized by the world around you. 

NOW, for the first time, there is a fast, easy, practical way to unleash the real you.  This is not magic, this is not positive thinking, this is a valid, demonstrable and logical way to become the real you – the person you could only, until now, dream about.

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Lucid Dreaming