Remote Viewer and Medical Intuitive

Christian von Lähr is a Clairvoyant, Claircoginzant Medium that can remotely scan people - and places - anywhere in the world.

He is a world-class Clairvoyant Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor.

An actual Medical Intuition ability necessitates the use of an [authentic vision] to ascertain reality, and the actual past, present and future condition of the human body - one which supports correct insight to diagnosis. 

Medical Intuition

Dr. Christian von Lähr is a modern day Seer, whose clairvoyant mediumship inspires through connections from the Higher Planes of Existence; one’s Higher Self or Soul; Ascended Masters, Prophets and Saints; Master and Teacher Guides; and a sitters crossed-over family and friends — to include influencing ‘spirit’ who’s attendance is necessary to deliver urgent messages.

His sage advice and visions draw from the highest realm he can draw from for any individual Sitter. Often entertaining, usually prophetic, and always eminently important to the current needs of the person being read, he brings the messages and connections that need to be delivered. Christian is a most welcome, and much anticipated visiting Seer and Clairvoyant Medium who travels the country participating in most popular New Age, and Mind, Body, Spirit type Expositions.

True Vision is based on Ætheric Energy viewing and interpretation

Ætheric Vision is defined as the physical eye's ability to see life on the lower levels of the Ætheric Plane that which we experience here on the dense material plane of Earth.  It is actually a sub-set of this, our Physical Plane).

We perceive both the Physical Plane and the Ætheric Plane through the conventional five senses.  Truly, though, the Physical expression we experience is nothing but an illusion-Reality - life's material manifestation. 

A greater expression exists on the Ætheric plane through the energy of our Ætheric double – the aforementioned physical manifestation is a result of  “the fall” further downwards through existence.  And so, we have a greater perception of reality – TRUE VISION - through the higher, more-sourcing, Ætheric Plane.