Metaphysical Sessions do not require any subsequent conversation, participation or involvement from the Client. Only your agreement to let Christian work with your Higher Self for your betterment is required. Christian takes over and does all the work - it all happens in the background. The program has a start and an end date. There is no paperwork or telephone conversations required, as this is totally spiritual at the highest level.

These sessions CAN BE DONE for your children, or for those you care for - such as the elderly - or for those whom you have guardianship of. Only your permission is initially required, though your Higher Self and that of the eventual client will also have to be established. Christian works towards this end for you, as he has to go far above the conventional thinking brain.

(option 01) Metaphysical Healing/Wellness Track
(option 02) Confidence/Direction Track
(option 03) Manifestation Track
(option 04) Empowerment Track
(option 05) Project or Writing Empowerment Track
(option 06) Switching to Spiritual Path Track
(option 07) Psychic Development Track
(option 08) Psychic Defense Track
(option 09) Improve Family Relationships Track
(option 10) Make Your Relationship Work Track
(option 11) Learning/Disability Track
(option 12) SoulMate Preparation Track
(option 13) College Tests, various Accreditation Support Track
(option 14) Medical Procedure Success Empowerment Track
(option 15) Stress Relief Track
(option 16) Find a Job Track
(option 17) Addiction Management Track
(option 18) Behavioral Change Track
(option 19) Hormonal Balancing Track
(option 20) Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing Track