The opportunity to receive your Session in it's entirety is provided.  If you need additional time, this can be provided at the standard rate of $6. per minute.  There are no follow-ups required with a complete session - when you are done, we are done.

​​ORDER Sessions with christian TOREN at 30-min, 45-min and 1-hr options, or longer.

(818) 588-3585

Christian uses Psychism, Mediumship and Clairvoyance, and also clairvoyant Medical Intuition during his sessions.




Wed - Fri 3PM - 11PM


Orders may also be applied to a live in-person session at one of our many Exposition Events held in major cities in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, Texas and Hawaii.

christian TOREN

 THIS IS THE REAL DEAL​  We are the most trusted, most-used service in America.  No Fortune Telling, no Tarot or Crystal Balls, no Gypsy readings - only genuine master-class psychism, mediumship and clairvoyance.  Legitimate reliable mentoring. 

Christian Toren provides Master level abilities in Psychism, Mediumship, Clairvoyance.  There are no Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards or devices used, his deliveries are the purest use of psychism.  EVERY answer and solution he delivers is validated through three (3) means to ensure accuracy.

He provides the highest form of solutions-oriented Medical Intuition available in America.  This is TRUE "Eye's Open" clairvoyant vision.  His ability to see 65,000 shades of colors in energy, which provides the ACCURACY necessary - every shade means something.  

Other services include Mentoring sessions drawing from a huge range of expertise to solve practical, social  and business maters, and even advises how to approach legal and financial issues.​  His counseling abilities is second to none - these is not sympathy, this is SOLUTION.

​Metaphysics is used for those needing special help, or extra support.  This means is exacted by Christian's connecting with the target's Higher Self to facilitate change.

  30-min $175.
  45-min $265.
  60-min $350.
120-min $700.