"Dinner with the Master" - available after SOAR™ and MIT™ training events

A casual gathering of 1 or more at a nice restaurant in Burbank, CA with Dr. Christian Toren von Lahr, Msc.D., and Chris Valentine.

Christian will introduce topics, as may you – and questions can be asked on any spirituality-based topics to include Consciousness, Existence, Creation, the Nature of the Universe, Destiny and Path

Dinner is included with your choice - à la carte. 1 person $500, 2 people ($350 each) 3 people ($300 each) 4 people ($250 each) 5 people ($200 each) and so on with a minimum of $200 per person. Christian will enlighten, entertain and delight you throughout the meal.

Call Chris to reserve at 818.588.3585.

christian TOREN



SOAR psychic Development delivers three 1-day comprehensive MASTER-LEVEL training in Psychism, then Mediumship, and lastly Clairvoyance.

This is the FINEST TRAINING available in the entire country.  Three full days, delivered appx 3-months apart, with online forum and mentoring in-between.

$2,250 - Jan 06th/18, Mar 10th/18, May 12th/18

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NEW for 2018 is our master level MIT MEDICAL INTUITION, taught the way Dr. Christian Toren uses it.  This method has been proven by tens of thousands of Sessions.

$2,550 - Jan 07th/18, Mar 11th/18, May 13th/18
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