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Phone Readings

These incredibly prophetic and accurate readings are almost like Dr. von Lähr is sitting right front of you. He sees your aura, Guides, Archangel, crossed-over family and can also do a medical scan of you.

To order please call 1.818.588.3585 (3PM-11PM Pacific) (6PM-2AM Eastern)

You can also order a phone reading online below and we will contact you to schedule your time.

30 Minutes: $175 

45 Minutes: 265.00 

1 Hour: $350 Order Now! (Recommended for new customers that have never had a Session with Christian before as he will have so much to tell you.)

2 Hours: $700 Order Now! (Full Reading - Highly recommended to cover numerous areas including but not limited to soul-mate, career, and optional health scan.

All Readings (including phone) are now digitally recorded and Emailed to the the email address you provide. Once received, click the "Download" button and immediately save the file to your computer or phone. Please allow up to 7 days after your Session to receive your recording via Email. If you have not received an Email after 7 days then contact admin@christiantorn.LA and it will be resent to the email you write from.

There is no preperation on your part needed. Just be in a quiet room and Dr. von Lähr will call you at the number provided (preferably a landline) at the appointed time.

30 minute or longer In-Person and Phone paid Readings are digitally recorded for FREE and are not guaranteed to perfectly record every time. You are free to record any of your Mediumship Readings - no matter the length - at no additional charge.