Dr. Christian TOREN von Lähr,'s sessions may very will be the most profound experience you have ever had in life. This is a comment we receive often, even years after a session. His sessions are REAL - no tools or devices are ever used or needed; this is genuine Master Clairvoyance and Mediumship.

Master Clairvoyance and Mediumship differs from psychism because the information does not have to already be known. The information sought can be "gotten" from "spirit guides" and the higher selves of either the Medium, or the "sitter." The perceptions of these higher consciousnesses far exceed the capabilities and capacities of the human physical brain. Therefore, the answers are "seen" from a place beyond our ability to read psychically, this is why Mediumship readings are more accurate.

CALL NOW to arrange for a 30-min, 45-min or 1-hr session.  These are available by phone, and at many of the popular psychic and wellness expositions around the country. 



Christian TOREN is one of the more gifted clairvoyants in America - in fact, he is a Master Clairvoyant.  His rare gift allows him to see eyes-open, not just via mental impressions.  He can perceive conditions in the body by his masterful use of colors in the energies that pervade everything in the body.  Compared to baseline values, problems are easily detected.  Other abilities come into play to gain historical insight of the problem and what it would take to rectify the abnormality.  As a Master Clairvoyant can maintain an awareness of the total body, he can make the associations and analogies to determine what particular series of events caused or led to the medical un-wellness.

This is a very rare and special gift - the rarest of all. Christian TOREN has literally read thousands of doctors, nurses and medical professionals, psychologists and psychiatrists.  They too have come to gain the benefit of his insight.  He provides the same quality and level of service to everyone.


Christian TOREN is this country's ONLY fully-qualified Master Clairvoyant.  Being a high ability, it also includes Master Psychism and Master Mediumship.

Christian has developed a SOAR development series to bring this special ability to those who would desire to provide psychic services at the Master level.  Also along this training scheme is a stand-along MIT Medical Intuition training series.

​Both programs are delivered in 3 separate days, each appx 3-months apart to allow for exercises and mentoring.

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