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A Medium brings the “then and there” into the “here and now.” Our experiences of the Physical world are an illusion of reality structured into sequential perspectives, the adhesion is time. The other-side, even Heaven, are right here – they are right around us. So is the past and the future.

Closure isn’t shutting the door, its opening the Soul of another person, to understand. Those who exist elsewhere want closure MORE than we do, their feelings are tremendous. A SOAR medium works both sides because good endings make better beginnings. All must move – not necessarily to move on, but simply to grow.

The SOAR Master Clairvoyance Development course is produced at three (3) successive levels; the full gamut of psychic development will be conducted.  …From intuition, telepathy and basic psychism, through Mediumship and communicating with all realms from Angels and Nature Spirts, to life on the Other-Side and Heaven, and even Channeling with Guides, Ascended Masters.   …All the way up to Master Clairvoyance. Included is the ability to see one’s true destiny, to find one’s actual Soul Mate, and to ascertain anyone’s true health condition, as well as the solutions required for perfect health.​

You will be performing REAL work, with REAL results – this is not entertainment-class psychism, but the genuine ability to ascertain situations, acknowledge life in other realms, determine answers to all problems, and to get people on their destined Path. The skill level attained will place you at the top tier in the psychic world, if you complete all three levels. You will be the best – the very best.

The only premise* for taking this series, beyond communicative literacy, is that you understand that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS IMPOSSIBLE. If you are going to do this, DECIDE NOW, use your INSTANT intuition as your guide.


Christian Toren provides several certification programs and other training venues.  THIS PAGE provides a FEED indicating the general information about out training offerings.

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A SOAR trained medium winds time around their little finger – the past ticks away as if seconds. Other-worldly places can coincide in this moment, and this time-bending allows the medium to directly communicate using our reference. Uniquely, a SOAR medium can see, feel and speak to an astral person who has passed on to the other side, to those who have transcended further into heaven, AND, since they are transcending the Planes of Consciousness, they can connect with LIVING persons also through the faculties we use in faraway realms. It’s as simple as point-and-shoot.

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