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Christian Toren provides several certification programs and other training venues.  THIS PAGE provides a FEED indicating the general information about out training offerings.

Though this ancient wisdom has been lost to most over the eons, that is for a lack of the search.  It does exist, and it is a basis for insuring success in our courses.

We feel we accomplish this far beyond the experiments in Psychiatry and Psychology.  In fact, we have run our concept by many of these practitioners and all of them consider it a reasonable theory for accomplishing the results both easier, more effectively and faster than the methods they use.

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Before Christian Toren's functional life came to a screeching end when he was run over and left for dead – thus destroying most of his organs and crippling him - he had a dream to be a performer.

With no hope given by dozens of doctors over the years, he pursued the use of his inherent psychic gifts.  With no other purpose or motivation available to him, he instead turned his devotion to perfection to achieving Master status in this psychic Art- he is now second to no one in the esoteric arts - his current talent.  He focused 25 years on exploring how spirituality could be used to fix every one of his organs – he succeeded and even achieved some mobility.   In the process he became a renowned Master Medical Intuitive. 

At the very moment Christian lay dying in the Terminal Illness wing of the regional hospital his current partner Chris Valentine was just being born on the opposite side of the country.  He himself a Walk-in that came into being early to serve as a physical inspiration.  He has helped Christian achieve value out of his life.  Now they work together to help others in hopes that they too can achieve their dreams of a viable, functional life of purpose and contribution.

Become the best.  If any kind of healing, coaching, true medical intuition, psychism, mediumship or clairvoyance is your passion, then DON’T WASTE A MINUTE.  Give Christian Toren a call now – no one has to give up on their significance.  No life should be wasted! ​

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In Our Transparent Awareness™ Esoteric Guidance Intensive we recognize psychism as a comprehensive generalization referring to the skills of the psychic, medium, clairvoyant, channel, intuitive, and medical intuitive. 

Where SOAR Development classes stand out is their emphasis on the use [actual vision] as a consistent validation method, which is demonstrable consistently amongst the training group; and further, a series of logical “knowns” and “systems” that have been established since the earliest times of civilization

Our Transparent Awareness™ Esoteric Guidance Intensive is taught by Masters.  The course specifically includes clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance.  Our series also puts valuable attention on the ability to provide counseling, life coaching and wellness coaching, and unique to our program – the ability to provide [TRUE] Lucid Dreaming reprogramming of the sub-conscious mind. 



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